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Machined Metal Hub

Industry: Automotive

 Machined Metal Hub for the Automotive Industry   This customer requires 1 - 3 day turnaround on 200 - 300 piece lots of this machined metal part.  Due to size and appearance requirements by the customer it is plated on the automated rack line.  It is plated to ASTM B633 SC1 Type II plating specification.  Thickness is verified using non-destructive x-ray and a C-of-C is supplied.  Parts are individually wrapped before boxing. 

Machined Metal Hub Project Details:

Industry for Use:
Part Size:
6" diameter x 3" 
Plating Requirement:
0.0002" minimum zinc, hexavalent black chromate
Quality Requirement:
Uniform appearance to specification ASTM B633, SC1, Type II; C-of-C, thickness verification using X-ray fluorescence
Equipment Used:
Rack Plated
Bake Requirement:
200 - 300 pieces
Delivery Time:
1 - 3 days