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Boron Nitride Electroless Nickel Plating /
Millenium KR

Boron Nitride is an electroless nickel composite plating process that incorporates 6 - 8% by weight hexagonal boron nitride particles of a mean size of 0.7 um within a medium phosphorous EN matrix. Nitride particles are ceramic and can withstand temperatures of up to 3000F, therefore this coating can be utilized in higher temperature applications. The coating has lower wear resistance and is ideal for applications that require lubricity of EN-PTFE but need improved resistance to wear under heavy loads. Also, unlike EN-PTFE, Boron Nitride deposits can be heat treated to attain maximum hardness for very severe wear applications. This coating has found great success in mold release applications where its uniform thickness in complex cavities, moderate wear resistance, excellent lubricity and release properties outperform most other coatings.

In summary, Millenium KR surfaces have:

  • Excellent wear resistance
  • High lubricity, more slippery than Teflon
  • Unsurpassed release properties
  • Uniform Deposition and accurate thickness
  • Dramatic improvement in adhesive wear
  • Improvement in abrasive wear
  • Dramatic improvement in mold release

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