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Injection Mold Tooling - Selective Core Plating

Industry: Injection Molding


Injection Mold Tooling

    Part 1
  Injection Mold Tooling

  Part 2
  This customer required 1 day turnaround on multiple S-7 cores.  The Electroless Nickel Boron-Nitride chemistry was chosen to give the cores a high level of lubricity for injection molded resin to properly release from the steel upon part ejection.  The cores were masked prior to processing as the customer required only specific areas to be plated with the Electroless Nickel Boron-Nitride.  Thickness was verified by measuring coupon thickness and a C-of-C was supplied. 

Injection Mold Tooling - Selective Core Plating Project Details:

Part Size:
Part 1: 2" diameter x 4" / Part 2: 1" diameter x 10
Plating Requirement:
0.0002" Selective Electroless Nickel Boron-Nitride
Quality Requirement:
Uniform coverage in required plating areas, C-of-C, thickness verification
Equipment Used:
Rack Plated
Bake Requirement: