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Automatic Zinc Barrel Line Installed
Automatic zinc barrel plating line 
May 15, 2015 – Rochester, NY - Monroe Plating has installed an additional automatic barrel plating line specially adapted for low to high volume acid zinc electroplating due to increased demand and the need for higher flexibility for this type of plating service.
The mechanical summary of the 90 foot line includes six plating cells with individual 15 volt/1500 amp tank rectification; two fully automatic hoists each with 180 lb maximum load capacity per barrel and the ability to run 12 barrels concurrently; and an Allen Bradley PLC controller with touch screen capability; variable speed control on rotational motors; automatic temperature control; automatic chemical addition based on amp-hour usage.
In automatic mode, parts to be plated are entered into the controller with pre-determined processing recipes based on weight and plated surface areas. This information allows the controller to automatically adjust rectification to the desired level to repeatedly meet the plating thickness requirement. It also provides the flexibility to run different plating thicknesses at the same time within any of the available six plating cells.
Numerous plating barrel designs are utilized for flexibility. Standard barrels can hold a maximum of 180 lbs. and can run parts as small as 0.125” in diameter, mini barrels are utilized for small volume parts and split barrels are utilized for running different parts within the same barrel.
Current finishes for the zinc plating on this line include Clear and Yellow chromates as well as an Organic Sealer. If required, parts can be baked for hydrogen embrittlement in a thermocouple controlled oven prior to the final chromate operation.
Prospective customers looking for high quality quick turn zinc plating services are invited to submit sample components for plating or part prints for quoting to our Upstate New York manufacturing facility.                                                                                                                                                  

New Process Aids Automotive Industry World-Wide 

Rochester, NY - Monroe Plating, a domestic and international supplier of zinc coatings, has improved on a process that now benefits automotive suppliers worldwide. Operations Manager Mike Mumm reports, "We pride ourselves on our problem-solving ability as a zinc plating supplier." While working with Metaldyne Sintered Components, a high volume automotive customer, Monroe’s creative team was able to improve on a component’s salt spray requirement while maintaining a highly cosmetic appearance. After months of research testing, Monroe Plating developed an environmentally friendly process that exceeded their customer’s expectations.

The process, using a clear trivalent chromate and sealer, enabled Monroe Plating to provide the automotive and metal industries with a product that exceeds salt spray specifications of 120 hours to white rust and 360 hours to red rust. The process is now being expanded to other industrial applications.