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Stamped Sheet Metal Paper Tray Assembly

Industry: Office Equipment

 Stamped Sheet Metal Paper Tray Assembly for the Office Equipment Industry   This customer requires 2 day turnaround on typically 120 piece lots of this large stamped sheet metal assembly.  The size and complexity of this assembly make racking in the EN plating process a requirement.  The customer specifies uniform appearance, after bake, over the entire part without water marks.  Thickness is verified using non-destructive x-ray and a histogram of the thickness measurements is supplied.

Stamped Sheet Metal Paper Tray Assembly Project Details:

Industry for Use:
Office Equipment
Part Size:
18" x 20" x 8"
Plating Requirement:
0.0002" minimum mid phosphorous electroless nickel
Quality Requirement:
Bright/uniform appearance to customer supplied specification, C-of-C, thickness verification using X-ray fluorescence
Equipment Used:
Rack Plated
Bake Requirement:
3 hours at 375° F
120 pieces
Delivery Time:
2 days