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“…They are one of the most professional companies that I deal with, very sensitive to my needs. Their delivery time is fast and pricing is flexible. One example would be their Cost Reduction Program.

I presented Monroe Plating with 3 or 4 high volume items, wondering if there was any way that we could reduce our cost of their internal process. After working together, as a team, it wasn’t long before Monroe Plating decreased our overall cost on an average of five to ten percent per item.

For a smaller sized company with 40 to 50 people, this type of savings provides a significant impact to our bottom line.”

Ron, Purchasing for Plating, Finishing and Painting Services, ~Rochester, NY

“CAR Engineering has been working with Monroe Plating for over a decade.  We love their local pickup and delivery service and we know we can always count on them for fast turnaround time.

Yvette, ~Victor, NY

“I am directly involved with choosing vendors, and I can honestly say that we use Monroe Plating extensively for Zinc Plating.

Monroe Plating is extremely easy to work with, the company is quick to respond, even change, according to our shifting priorities when needed. Their “statistical process control” method helps maintain the quality of their work to the highest standard.

I talk with the staff at Monroe Plating on a daily basis. They understand our needs and are ever-ready to work with us as a team to ensure that the job is done right.”

Gus, ~Webster, NY

“Monroe Plating and our company have enjoyed a solid working relationship for over the past 15 years. Their commitment to Celmet has helped to achieve our goal of ISO 9002 by providing our company with outstanding customer service, state of the art technology and the teamwork necessary for today’s world-class marketplace.

Monroe Plating has been a major factor in our ability to win difficult and high volume contracts. Their impeccable quality, pricing and rapid turnaround are instrumental in helping us meet our customer’s needs.

The employees of Monroe Plating, at times, have been so dedicated that they have been at our dock’s door ready to deliver parts before our first employee has even arrived.

Monroe Plating — Dedication, Commitment and Quality — What more could you ask for?”

Nancy, ~Rochester, NY

“I would recommend Monroe Plating for your plating needs. They are currently plating approximately 6 million pieces per year for us and are maintaining a very impressive PPM of around 5. As an automotive customer, they are a plating company that has responded quite well to our rigorous requirements and they have a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.”

Timothy, Supplier Development Coordinator, CQA (ASQ), ~St. Mary's, PA